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Treasure Island Enterprises presents Tropical Hardwood – MORA.

Scientific Name: Mora Excelsa, M. Gonggrijpii

This type of hardwood is usually sourced right here in the Caribbean, namely, Guyana, Suriname, Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago.

Application: Heavy construction projects, jetties, bridge timber, house framing, bridge decking heavy-duty industrial flooring and planking. Also suitable for railroad cross-ties.

Wood Diameters: The tree grows 2-3 feet in diameter and 100-200 feet in height.

Appearance: The Colour varies from a chocolate brown to reddish brown. Sapwood has a yellowish to a pale brown colour.
Texture/Grain: The grain is straight to commonly interlocked, very variable and often has attractive bird’s eye, wavy or sometimes ribbon grain figures.
The luster is high, and the texture varies from medium to coarse.

Physical Properties: Mora is a very heavy hardwood. It has outstanding strength and is particularly resistant to wear.

Weight: In its green condition, the timber weighs 77 pounds per cubic foot. (900-1100 kg) when air dried.

Durability: Mora Excelsa is a very durable timber. It is resistant to fire as well as to termites and other insects.

Workability: Pieces with interlocked grain can be difficult to work, frequently resulting in “tear outs” during matching operations.
Mora also has a pronounced “blunting” effect on cutting edges. However, it takes treatment well.

Odor: Mora can have an unpleasant and “sour” odor while being worked.

Sustainability: This wood is not listed as a threatened species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Toxicity/Allergens: Mora wood when being cut can lead to respiratory irritation.

Illustration may not accurately depict commodities. The wood will vary in terms of diameter and colour.
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Scientific name: Tectona Grandis.

Sources: Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana.

Application: Indoor and Outdoor furniture. Indoor flooring, counter tops and veneers, ship and boat building, exterior construction and craft projects.

Wood Diameters: Teak grows up to 100-130 ft. (30-40 m). The trunk diameter is 3-5 ft. (1-1.5m)

Appearance: Teak is golden or slightly brown, and can get darker with aging, to a silver gray.

Texture/Grain: Grain is straight, though it can occasionally be wavy or interlocked. It’s uneven texture and low luster is due to the oily effect of the wood.

Physical Properties:


Durability: Teak wood is seen as being extremely resilient against rot, termites and other insects. It stands up well in adverse weather conditions, such as extreme rain, sun or snow.

Odor: When being milled, Teak has a similar smell to leather.


Sustainability: Teak wood is not listed as a threatened species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Toxicity/Allergens: There are some irritants associated with Teak, though uncommon. However to those who have a sensitivity to allergens, reactions can vary from eye strain, respiratory irritation, to nausea, rash and sometimes asthma induced symptoms.

Illustrations may not accurately depict the commodities description.
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Scientific Name: Sequoia Sempervicens.

Sources: parts of North America (California). Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Suriname.

Application: Typically used for making Beams, posts, decking, outside furniture, novelty items and musical instruments.

Wood Diameters: The maximum height of the Redwood tree can well surpass 200 ft. (60-90m). Its trunk can be 6-12 ft. in diameter (1.8-3.7m)

Appearance: Redwood is one of those woods that have an exquisite aesthetic appeal for a number of uses. Its Colour is pinkish to a deep reddish brown.

Texture/Grain: The Grain is generally straight with a rough texture and slight natural lustre. 

Physical Properties: 


Durability: Redwood is seen as very durable with respect to rotting.

Odor: The Redwood while being used has a sweet fruity scent.

Workability: Very easy to work with. Usually hand tools or machinery is used. 

Sustainability: Reliable supply.

Toxicity/Allergens: There is very little adverse sensitivity with respect to handling the Redwood. However, there are some cases that report some skin, eye and respiratory irritation.

Illustrations may not accurately depict the commodities description.
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Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. is a Caribbean based supplier and procurer of raw materials, semi manufactured and manufactured goods and Caribbean sourced amenities and raw materials provider.

Those raw materials are necessary for fueling modern industries. Including, but not limited to: edible and oil industry, nontoxic, non-hazardous chemical industry, lumber/timber industry, construction industry, and precious and industrial metals industry.


Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. has a large network of suppliers, farmers and procurers, well exceeding 1,500 suppliers, both in the public and private sectors.

Bureaucratic and diplomatic affinity stem deeply throughout the Caribbean’s neighbouring territories, this is possible through the CSME initiative, (Ref. CSME Role. Main menu)

Suppliers include but are not limited to Jamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, St Kitts and Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago.

All of Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. commodities and raw materials come from the bone-fide source.  Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. ensures that the commodities are of the highest quality. Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. has obtained distribution rights as the premier medium between the Caribbean supplier and you our valued customer. This is how we can guarantee a competitive edge. 


(Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. Competitive Edge. Main Menu)

All of our commodities and amenities have been carefully inspected by viable testing and monitoring facilities. Our Caribbean’s own CARIRI – Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (Ref. www. has partnered with other worldwide testing agencies. This collaborative effort is possible through the Mutual Recognition Agreement-MRA. (Search: Mutual Recognition Agreement)

In the Product/Industry category list section, supply category is defined by three states.

Green Colour. (Supply is available)
Amber Colour. (Supply is being negotiated)
Red Colour. (Supply is unavailable). 


Ordering is a very simple process. 

call one of our friendly customer service representatives, to find out about our products, current prices, and whether, free shipping is available.

Payment method is- Bank to Bank Wire Transfers only.

Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. Competitive Edge Guarantee

Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. is the benefactor of many advantages, due to its geographic positioning and operational structure.

Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. has in many instances, sole and distribution rights for a wide range of raw materials and competitive goods that are necessary for fueling industry.

The Caribbean’s rich ecological landscape is replete with these commodities.

Additionally, Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd has a large network, exceeding 1,500 suppliers, refiners, procurers and Caribbean manufacturers.

We ensure that all materials and commodities are of the highest standard, and the supply is abundant.

All amenities and tangibles are tested by World class testing facilities. E.g. CARIRI. in the Caribbean.

We liaise directly with our suppliers, to ensure their compliance with testing facilities and conformity directives.  (See menu option)

Every saving from the supplier is passed on to you our valued customers.


 Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd.  Competitive Edge Guarantee Summary.

–  Is the sole distributor to suppliers, farmers, growers, cultivators, refiners, procurers and subsidiary Caribbean manufacturers.

–  is the sole distributor for raw materials and other commodities from a network of more than 1,200 suppliers throughout a 16 member country region.

–  Due to the fact that Treasure Island Enterprises is directly connected to the bona-fide source, the best prices are guaranteed for commodities and raw materials.

–  All of the materials and goods are of the highest quality. Every network supplier for each stipulated industry, is masterful at sourcing, extracting and refining properties that are world renowned and much sort after. All the while ensuring that the natural ecology of the environment is preserved. 

–  All the materials and commodities are thoroughly inspected and appraised by World class testing facilities. In the Caribbean, initial testing and monitoring is done by CARIRI. (See main menu).


The Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME)

This is an agreement of a 12 member Caribbean region of governmental collaboration that allows free trade throughout the Caribbean region. This allows for integrating and harmonizing the region’s economies.

Essentially, the custodians of each member state, have crafted legislation, which allows for better and faster free trade, in order to stimulate the Caribbean region’s economy.

This mechanism ensures that Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. has access to a greater supply, free movement of goods throughout the region, as well as full access to market synergies. The result is that goods can be produced at competitive prices.

The 12 member CSME countries are-: Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana, Suriname, St. Lucia, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis.


CSME Role Summarised.

– CSME: CARICOM Single Market and Economy, a 12 member Caribbean region, governmental, legislative agreement established in 1990.

– This Agreement allows for free trade, and free movement of capital goods, labour and technology, seamlessly across the Caribbean territories.

– The 12 member CSME countries are-: Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana, Suriname, St. Lucia, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis.

– Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. directly stands to benefit from this arrangement, in that its goods and products can move across the region freely.

– Heavy governmental facilitation is provided throughout the entire process. From harnessing the raw materials and goods, providing free trade, to ensuring proper testing and monitoring of all commodities is done. Assuring a high quality and safe product is made. While guaranteeing the Caribbean’s ecology is protected and sustained.

Testing Facilities and CE Recognition.

All of Treasure Island’s commodities designated for the North American and European markets must go through a process of scientific assessment and identification.

The commodities are marked “CE”. This is an official mark which demonstrates that the goods adhere to proposed conformity directives. 

The process takes place through the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA)

The testing agencies, involved in the MRA process are, CARIRI and other world leaders in scientific testing and monitoring.

All Treasure Island Enterprises commodities for distribution are CE mark approved, either with respect to Complex Directives or self-certifiable.  The construction product category as well as the timber product category is deemed self-certifiable. All commodities, are air marked in the MSA (Marked Recognition Agreement) methodology process. 

CARIRI would be carrying out the actual testing and evaluation procedures.


Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. has partnered with international testing and monitoring agencies. These agencies are the most productive service organization in the world, establishing global benchmark for quality and integrity. These agencies through the Mutual Recognition Agreement –MRA, partner with the Caribbean’s own CARIRI. (The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute) A widely recognized Centre for excellence in technology and innovation. It is owned by the government of Trinidad and Tobago, with financial assistance and technical expertise from the UNDP (United Nation Development Programme) and UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation)

CARIRI is home to multi-million dollar, modern laboratories with state of the art equipment and highly trained professionals, specialists, technologists, technicians, consultants and researchers. It accommodates industries such as petrochemical, biotechnical, environmental, manufacturing and agricultural. It is also the first testing institute to be ISO compliant.

Learn more:

Ordering and Delivery Procedure

1-    The customer selects the desired item from the Company’s product category list

2-    Contacts the CSR by phone. Tel. #.                   Tel #.         24 hrs. Hot line  

3-   The CSR. will then walk you through the ordering process.

These are the following documents that would be required.


A. Purchase Order.


B. Bank to Bank Wire transfer.

Letter of credit

Letter of Advice

Customs and Shipping Documents

Billing of Lading

Certificate of Origin

FITO Certificate

Euro Certificate

Invoices and Receipts

Option for Customer’s request. (Customer’s additional request must fall in line with normal customs and shipping ordering Procedure).

– Any customer who desires to purchase goods/ commodities from Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. must confirm their intent to purchase, by signing and agreeing to the following stipulations, as contractually expressed in the following documents.

1- Letter of Intent : This document would be prepared and presented by one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives.

2- Purchase Order : The customer would also have to sign and agree the Purchase Order. This would outline the specific commodity and amount and value, the customer must pay.

3- Business bank “Letter of Credit”: This is a business banking document that the customer’s bank must prepare and send to Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. Upon receipt, Treasure Island Enterprises would issue a “Letter of Advice”.

This would signify that the monies for the customer’s intended purchase has been received by Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. as well as Treasure Island Business Bank Facilities.

Thereafter the assembling of the customer’s order begins. Once the order has been assembled it would be shipped to customer’s destination.

When the goods/ commodities reach its destination, with the relevant documentation, as outlined above, then the shipping documents would be prepared by Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd’s custom brokers.

Once the goods/ commodities/ tangibles have reached the customer, then Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. expects immediate payment, as outlined in the Business Bank to Bank Documents, Letter of Credit and corresponding “Letter of Advice”, or seven days business days after delivery, according to Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd’s policy.


Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. is a merchandising and distribution Company, with distribution rights for a network of suppliers, in a number of industries, but not is in any area of manufacturing.

–   All product claims, disclaimers and notices are expressed by the manufacturers and suppliers only, and in no way makes Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. liable.

–  All customer commodity/product requests, must be done through Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. “Ordering and Delivery Procedure” only.

–  Products/Commodities and product information is based on the evaluation and conclusion of independent and unbiased testing agencies.

–   All products/ commodities designated to the US and UK markets are fitted with the appropriate, official, legal and administrative documentation, including, but not limited to: Certificate of Origin, Euro Certificate, Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. Invoices and Receipts. As well as the corresponding complex directives or self-certifiable conformities, European marks, also expressed as CE Marks.


–  Five (5) to twelve (12) working days, after the receipt of their goods, the customer must make full payment.

–  From the advent of the customers’ Order request to assembly, packing and delivery, Treasure Island Enterprises Ltd. would provide consultation to the client.

Supply Status.  Colour Code

Green Colour. (Supply is available)
Amber Colour. (Supply is being negotiated)
Red Colour. (Supply is unavailable).